We believe artists shouldn't be left in the dark

Your music means everything.

We know because we're musicians ourselves. It's frustrating when you have no idea how your songs are doing.

How many spins are you getting on satellite radio? How much are you earning in royalties? Will you have the money to release a new album, go back into the studio or make a new video?

Up until now, artists had no way to know. That's why we created ShineX.

ShineX brings transparency to satellite radio. It illuminates your songs and gives you the real data you need to thrive as an artist.

ShineX is the only service that instantly tracks your songs on satellite radio and calculates your SDARS royalties.


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"Nothing is more powerful in the world
than access to information."

"Better information is essential to making good decisions in life. So why are artists being left in the dark about their royalties and how their songs are being played on satellite radio?

With ShineX, you can finally verify that you're being paid what you're owed. And now you can predict your future income, too. Artists, managers, labels, everyone in the music industry -- this information belongs to you. We're working hard to give it back to you. Let’s light it up with ShineX."

Guillaume D., Founder of ShineX
Quebec, Canada

Stop wondering if you're getting paid all the royalties you're owed.

Try ShineX and find out instantly.


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